Cheetah Mom with Cubs
This original composition was born after the "The Lijapanti Project" was finished. The media used:  Acrylic and gel mediums.  Canvas 30" x 40".
The Lijapanti Project
The Lijapanti Project"  was inspired by different references.  The lion is a copy from a National Geography picture.  The jaguar and the panther are both found in Pinterest. The tiger is a mixed of different pictures of my own and others.  The reality emphazis was done in the eyes of the animals. The media used:  Acrylic and gel mediums. Each of them are on a Canvas 8" x 24".   
Cuba Holiday Isle
The Original Illustration belongs to the cuban illustrator Olga Perez from 1949.  This is an Acrylic Painting on a Canvas 30" x 24".
Tea Party
Original Acrylic Painting on canvas 12” x 14”
Ramo de Flores
Original painting by ecuadorean painter Kingman. This is an Acrylic painted in a Gesso Board 8" x 10".
Calendar Flowers
Acrylic painting on a Canvas 8" x 10" 
Jesus Praying
Original painter, unkown. Acrylic Canvas 8" x 10".

Boxer Puppy

Acrilyc on Gesso Board 8"x10"
(From an original animal calendar photograph)